Small Group Tour in Central Asia 2022

Five Stans ReviewsUzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan

Tour Reviews

Author: Eber Z.   |   Rating: 530 October 2017
We loved the 5 Stans Tour that Advantour made for us, me and my wife.
Everything function perfectly from flies between the 5 countries and inside each countries like car and train rides.
They made an efficient support for the countries visa and others administrative requirements.
We recommend Advantour to the people who want to discover all the 5 Stans in Central Asia.
Thanks a lot Advantour for the full job.
Author: Ying Zhang   |   Rating: 523 September 2016
Very professional and well organized. The guides were very knowledgeable and always arrived on time. I would recommend Advantour to family and friends and would also use the service again. Even the guides said they prefer to work with Advantour because of its professionalism!
Bubbly personality, engaged with us in Conversatim, "tested" our knowledge which was fun ( guide Saida in Khiva)
In Tajikistan Saodat went alone and beyond waited around to take us to dinner, walked around the park with us after dinner.
In Tajikistan Usta Jabbar made us feel comfortable thoroughly enjoyed our conversations.

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