Uzbekistan Mountain Tours from USA

Uzbekistan Mountain Tours

Uzbekistan’s mountains are a favorite place to adventure and relax for residents and visitors alike. The dramatic landscapes amaze anyone who has ever visited, and provide opportunities for a variety of activities.

You have plenty of choices of things to do on our Uzbekistan mountain tours. The Chimgan Mountains have a variety of hiking routes of various difficulties, as well as plenty of rock canyons, waterfalls, and broad meadows. Visit the Beldersay area, home to petroglyphs from the late Stone Age and a number of picnic spots that are popular year-round among locals and visitors. Another top sight is the Gulkam Canyon, which has three beautiful waterfalls and a variety of hiking challenges.

For those who want a rustic vacation, we can set up tent camps around a fire. For those who want a little more comfort, we can organize a stay in a local hotel. Whichever Uzbekistan mountain tour you choose, we can promise unforgettable impressions!

Chimgan Mountains - Gulkam Canyon: Tours to Uzbekistan

Gulkam Canyon

From May to October, Uzbekistan’s mountains appear in front of travellers in all their splendour. Take a day trip out of the city to visit Chimgan and the Gulkam Canyon, admire the dramatic canyon scenery and enjoy a relaxing picnic near the famous waterfalls.


Details1 Day | Mid-May - early October
from US$ 90 per person

Yangiabad – the Jewel of Uzbekistan’s Mountains

Yangiabad – the Jewel of Uzbekistan’s Mountains

The Yangiabad Mountains are a real treasure for trekkers. With their pure air, rich with the scents of pine trees and flowering herbs, the Yangiabad Mountains enchant with their untouched nature and light blue skies.

Yangiabad tourist lodge, Pigeon gorge and waterfall, Chilten river etc.

Details2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn
from US$ 220 per person

Chimgan and Charvak Tour

Chimgan and Charvak Tour

This one-day tour finds room for the Chimgan Mountains and the landscapes of Charvak. The rich sights are complemented by lunch at a mountain restaurant under the immense plane trees.

Chimgan, Charvak

Details1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn
from US$ 40 per person

Tour to Bulaksu Gorge

Tour to Bulaksu Gorge

Tour to Bulaksu Gorge is a mountain adventure along Uzbekistan’s Bulaksu River tract. The one-day trek is a test of endurance when ascending, followed by a pleasant hike through spacious fields with impressive mountain views and a picnic in the meadows alongside cooling river waters. The final stretch of the hike involves an exciting descent down a winding riverbed path which crosses the rapids over small stones.

Khodjikent, Bulaksu

Details1 Day | mid-April to early November
from US$ 90 per person

One-day Tour to Jade Lakes (Urungach)

Jade Lakes (Urungach)

In spring, hundreds of streams flow down from the peaks of the Tien Shan and fill mountain lakes with icy water. Choose a one-day tour to Lake Urungach to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city in the lap of nature and enjoy the beauty of emerald water, blue sky and green groves.

Lake Urungach

Details1 Day | May - mid July
from US$ 310 per person

Obi-Rakhmat Grotto and Paltau Waterfall. One-day Tour

Obi-Rakhmat Grotto and Paltau Waterfall

This one-day tour to the mountains of Uzbekistan will take you to a Neanderthal site over 50 thousand years old, as well as to the 38-meter high Paltau waterfall. The trip combines expanding your knowledge about local ancient history and experiencing the beauty of the Tien Shan mountains in Uzbekistan.


Details1 Day | Mid-May - early October
from US$ 90 per person

Chimgan River Tour: from Marble River to Gulkam

Chimgan River Tour: from Marble River to Gulkam

Chimgan River Tour: from Marble River to Gulkam is an amazing introduction to the stone chronicle of the western Tien Shan. Here you can find out that walking along a mountain path, you are actually walking along the former bottom of the sea – after all, there are traces of prehistoric shells on the stones near the Marble River.

Beldersay, Marble River, Gulkam gorge, Khojikent

Details2 Days | from mid-June to October
from US$ 235 per person

Chukuraksu Waterfall Tour from Tashkent

Tour to Chukuraksu Waterfall

One-day trip to the picturesque places of Tashkent region - beautiful mountain scenery, a short hike, a magnificent 20-meter waterfall, called by locals "Bride's veil". Chukuraksu tour is one of the best options for a weekend vacation.

Chimgan Mountains, Charvak Lake, Chatkal River, Chukuraksu Waterfall, Hodjikent

Details1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn
from US$ 75 per person