Uzbekistan and Georgia Tours

Finding it difficult to choose between Central Asia and the Caucasus? Experience both on our combined Uzbekistan and Georgia tours that travel from Uzbekistan’s deserts and turquoise madrassahs to Georgia’s mountains and ancient monasteries.

Uzbekistan-Georgia Tour

Uzbekistan-Georgia Tour

During this nine-day Uzbekistan-Georgia Tour, guests will experience the living history, natural beauty, and modern emergence of the nations of Uzbekistan and Georgia. Uzbekistan awes with the ancient madrasahs and bustling bazaars in Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand. After Tbilisi’s cathedrals and fortresses, the captivating postcard views of Kazbegi, Ananuri, and Mtskheta provide an equally beautiful natural contrast.

Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ananuri, Kazbegi, Gori, Uplistsikhe

Details9 Days | Spring, summer, autumn

Discover two different sides of Central Asia and the Caucasus with our combined tours of Uzbekistan and Georgia. Starting in Uzbekistan’s evocative Silk Road cities with their stunning turquoise madrassahs, located in the middle of dusty deserts, continue to Georgia’s ancient orthodox monasteries and churches, surrounded by green mountains.

Experience the contrasts between the two countries, as well as their common pride in their cultures and their shared tradition of extending generous hospitality to visitors.