Uzbekistan Mountain Tours

Tours to West Tien Shan Ridge: Chimgan and Beldersay mountains

Mountains are the favorite recreational place both for residents and foreign tourists. Magnificence, space and beautiful landscape amaze everyone who has ever been there.

Within the worked-out mountain tours to Uzbekistan you will have an opportunity to go on hiking of various degree of complexity to Chimgan mountains or to visit the well-known Beldersay area – the popular weekend hiking spot for residents and guests the whole year round. The Beldersay landscape is the rock canyons, waterfalls and spacious meadows. Exactly here in the Beldersay Mountains you will see the rock paintings (petroglyphs) of the late Stone Age. You will see the Gulkam gorges with three beautiful waterfalls. The passage of these waterfalls is the most interesting and fascinating part of this hiking tour. You will climb over passes of different height and complexity, go down the cableway. In summer you can swim in the pure mountain river.

For those who like mountain romantics we set encampments with night camp fire. For those who prefer civilization facilities we provide tours with comfortable stay in the local hotel. Whatever mountain tour to Uzbekistan you choose, it will leave you unforgettable impressions!

Chimgan Mountains - Gulkam canyon: Tours to Uzbekistan

From May to October Uzbekistan mountains appear in front of travellers in all its splendour. Select one-day mountain tour to Chimgan to visit Gulkam waterfalls and relax at a picnic away from the city.

1 Day | Mid-May - early October | Reviews (0)

Gulkam and Small Chimgan Tour

Say goodbye to the city and take a trip to the adventures in the mountains of Chimgan. The main point of the trip will be a walk along the Gulkam canyon.

2 Days | Mid-May - early October | Reviews (0)

Chimgan Mountains - Beldersay Ring: Tours in Uzbekistan

Beldersay is the perfect place for a summer trekking to the mountains. On this relatively small area, the traveler will see almost all types of mountain landscape, from the narrow rocky canyons and waterfalls to large alpine meadows.

1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Chimgan Mountains - Beldersay: Tours to Uzbekistan

During this mountain tour in Uzbekistan you will have two days to wander in Chimgan mountains and enjoy the beauty of wild nature.

2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Yangiabad – Pearl of Uzbekistan Mountains

Yangiabad Mountains are a real treasure for trekkers. It is a land of incredibly pure air, saturated with the smell of pine trees and flowering herbs, enchanting beauty of untouched virgin nature and incredibly blue sky with light clouds that are rushing toward the horizon.

Yangiabad tourist lodge, Pigeon gorge and waterfall, Chilten river etc.
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Chimgan and Charvak Tour

It is a one-day tour, which finds the room both for Chimgan Mountains, landscapes of Charvak and petroglyphs of Hodjikent. The trip, rich for sights also is perfectly complemented by lunch at the mountain restaurant under the immense plane trees.

Chimgan, Charvak, petroglyphs of Hodjikent, Beldersay
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)