Short Uzbekistan Tours

2-day Tour to Khiva from Tashkent

This Two-Day Khiva Tour is one of our most popular short tours. From Tashkent, fly to Khiva and take two days to explore this ancient city and its many incredible sights.

Kunya-Ark, Alauddinkhan Mausoleum, Mukhammad Aminkhan madrasah etc.
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Two-day Bukhara & Samarkand Tour

Double your fun with a two-day trip to two of Uzbekistan’s best cities. This is the best Uzbekistan tour for those who don’t want to miss any of the biggest monuments, but who are also short on time.

Bukhara, Samarkand
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Samarkand Two-Day Tour by Train (from Tashkent)

Head back to the Middle Ages with the Two-Day Samarkand Tour by Train. This is the best tour for maximizing your time in Samarkand, with stops at all of the major sights and tastes of the local cuisine.

2 Days | All year round | Reviews (3)
Two-day Aydarkul and Sarmishsay Tour

This active short tour takes you to Sharmishsay, with a unique gallery of over 10,000 petroglyphs. Then, experience a taste of the nomadic life, with a visit to Aydarkul Lake, where you can go swimming, ride a camel, and stay in a yurt.

Nurata, Sarmish-Say, Aydarkul
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)
Two-day Samarkand & Shahrisabz Tour

Get to know Samarkand and Shahrisabz, the ancient capitals and cosmopolitan centers of Central Asia. Visit Registan Square in Samarkand, Ak-Saray Palace and Shahrisabz, plus historical mausoleums, mosques, and more.

Samarkand, Shahrisabz
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Two-day Bukhara Tour

Set aside two days for Bukhara, a city with over 2,000 years of history. After visiting the Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble, the legendary Ark Fortress, the Chor Bakr Necropolis, and all the other sites the city has to offer, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the city and its history.

Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble, Magoki-Attori Mosque, Chor-Minor Madrasah, trade domes etc.
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Best of Bukhara 3-Day Tour from Tashkent

Best of Bukhara 3-Day Tour is the perfect introduction to an ancient city which is now one of the top destinations for tourism in Uzbekistan. Highlights of this tour include guided excursions of Old Bukhara and the chance to create your own pottery and purchase special souvenirs at the ceramics workshop in Gijduvan.

Bukhara, Gijduvan
3 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Tour to Fergana Valley

Visit the palace of the last Kokand Khan, the workshop of local blue ceramics artisans, and the silk mill in Margilan, where famous Margilan silk is made. This best tour to the Fergana Valley has it all, from history to artistry and more.

Kokand, Rishtan, Fergana, Margilan
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (2)
Tour to Termez

This two-day cultural tour explores Termez, the ancient center of Buddhist culture in Central Asia. Walk through ancient monasteries, see the summer residence of local rulers, and learn about this region’s multicultural history.

Fortress Kyrk-Kyz, Buddha's stupa, Fayaz-Tepe, Mausoleum of Al-Hakim at-Termezi etc.
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)
Tour to Nukus: the Museum of Art named after I.V. Savitsky

This cultural tour takes you through the Savitsky Museum, with one of the world’s largest collections of Russian avant-garde art and Central Asian applied art. Take extra time for sights in and around Nukus.

Savitsky museum, Mizdakhan Necropolis, fortress Gyaur-Kala
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)
Tour to Nukus and Khiva

This two-day tour takes you to Nukus and Khiva. Tour the Savitsky Museum, the world’s second largest collection of 20th century Russian avant-garde art, and Khiva, an open-air museum and the first site in Central Asia to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nukus, Khiva, Urgench
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (3)

If you only have a couple days in Uzbekistan, make the most of your time with a short Uzbekistan tour. Choose from active tours to take you outside the cities or excursions through Uzbekistan’s most famous sites.

Get to know Tashkent with day tours through the Old Town, which introduces you to the long history of the city. Or take a classic short Uzbekistan tour to the most interesting sites in Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Or else, head out of the city to the petroglyphs near Sarmishsay, or spend the night in a yurt in the desert.