Helicopter Tours in Uzbekistan

Helicopter Sightseeing Tours in Uzbekistan

Helicopter Tours in Uzbekistan

Helicopter tours in Uzbekistan are a unique opportunity to see the beauty of the country from a new angle. In our tours you will be able to take a bird's-eye view of Tashkent, the Chimgan Mountains, the Charvak reservoir and other beauties of the Tashkent region.

A helicopter flight is also an opportunity to get to interesting, beautiful, but hard–to-reach places, spending time in comfort: for example, instead of a 4-hour car trip to Lake Urungach or a 2-day hike to the Pulatkhan plateau, you will arrive there in just 40 minutes, and the entire flight you will be accompanied by magnificent views of brilliant threads of rivers in green valleys and snow caps of the Tien Shan mountains.

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour to the Pulatkhan Plateau

Helicopter Tour to the Pulatkhan Plateau

The Pulatkhan Plateau is a unique place in the mountains of the western Tien Shan, far from civilization, where mountain tourists go for several days. And you can get there in just an hour and enjoy the breathtaking views of kilometer-long cliffs!

Pulatkhan Plateau

Details1 Day | April-October
from US$ 500 per person

Helicopter Sightseeing Tour to the Lake Urungach

Helicopter Tour to the Lake Urungach

A flight to Lake Urungach is an unforgettable journey from Tashkent to the mountains, to the pearl of the western Tien Shan. By car, you would have to drive for more than 4 hours, sometimes on a bad road, and you can easily fly directly to the lake in 40 minutes! And in flight you will have magnificent views of the mountain ranges and the Charvak reservoir.

Lake Urungach

Details1 Day | April-September
from US$ 640 per person

Helicopter Tour to the Amirsoy Ski Resort

Helicopter Tour to the Amirsoy Ski Resort

Taking a helicopter tour to Amirsoy offers a one-of-a-kind, VIP experience that you'll never forget. Your trip starts off at Tashkent airport and whisks you away to a breathtaking aerial view of the stunning Chimgan Mountains.


Details1 Day | All year round
from US$ 540 per person

Helicopter Tours in Uzbekistan

We conduct helicopter tours in Uzbekistan in cooperation with Uzbekistan Airways, and book modern Airbus H-125 (4 passengers) and H-130 (5 passengers) helicopters for the flight. Before each departure, a technical inspection of the helicopter is carried out and weather conditions are monitored along the entire route.

If you are looking for something exclusive that emphasizes your status, if you like extraordinary excursions, then our helicopter tours in Uzbekistan will give you maximum emotions and memories and raise your travels to a new level!

And finally, if you want to take a helicopter flight to other destinations or fly to another city in Uzbekistan, then we can offer our helicopter transfers.