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Private Khiva Tours and Day Trips

Private Khiva Tours with Local Expert

Private Khiva Tours and Day Trips offer a prime chance to swiftly immerse yourself in the ambiance of the medieval East. Nestled within the towering clay walls of the Ichan-Kala fortress, you'll discover dozens of mosques and madrassas, a pair of towering minarets, and two unique palaces. All of this magnificence is ensconced within districts of equally antique houses, set amidst a network of twisting, narrow streets. A stroll around Khiva, accompanied by our knowledgeable guides, promises to leave you with striking impressions of this extraordinary city that doubles as an open-air museum.

2-day Tour to Khiva from Tashkent

2-day Tour to Khiva from Tashkent

This Two-Day Khiva Tour is one of our most popular short tours. From Tashkent, fly to Khiva and take two days to explore this ancient city and its many incredible sights.

Kunya-Ark, Alauddinkhan Mausoleum, Mukhammad Aminkhan madrasah etc.

Details2 Days | All year round
from US$ 410 per person

Khiva City Tour: one-day trip and excursion

Khiva City Tour

Spend a day learning about this open-air museum, an ancient Silk Road oasis in the Kyzylkum Desert. The Khiva City Tour will cover all the main sights and beauties of this unique city, all in one day.

Kunya-Ark Citadel, Tash-Khovli Palace, Mukhammad Aminkhan Madrasah etc.

Details1 Day | All year round
from US$ 60 per person

Karakalpakstan Tour: Ancient Khorezm Tour

Ancient Khorezm Tour

Take a short tour back two thousand years with a day trip to the ruins of Ancient Khorezm’s fortresses. Climb the remnants of the walls, walk among the ruins, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Kyzylkum Desert.

Kyzylkum Desert, Ayaz-Kala, Toprak-Kala, Kyzyl-Kala

Details1 Day | All year round
from US$ 90 per person

Tour to Kunya-Urgench and Darvaza (from Khiva)

Tour to Kunya-Urgench and Darvaza (from Khiva)

Cross Turkmenistan’s desert to get to two main sights, the ruins of Kunya-Urgench and the Darvaza Gas Crater. This is the best tour for combining Turkmenistan’s cultural history with a night in nature, in the Karakum Desert.

Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater

Details1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn

Nukus and Khiva Tour

Nukus and Khiva Tour

This two-day tour takes you to Nukus and Khiva. Tour the Savitsky Museum, the world’s second largest collection of 20th century Russian avant-garde art, and Khiva, an open-air museum and the first site in Central Asia to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nukus, Khiva, Urgench

Details2 Days | All year round

Khiva may be a small city, but it packs a punch when it comes to the density of its historical sites. The fortress Ichan-Kala appears to shield the city from the passing of time, maintaining its appearance as it was hundreds of years ago. Only the occasional car or power line serve as reminders of the present day.

Every Khiva city tour certainly encompasses the city's most striking landmarks: the Kalta-Minor Minaret, the Islam Khoja Minaret, the Juma Mosque, the Tash-Khovli Palace, and the Kunya-Ark Palace with its towering observation deck that provides a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Although Khiva is compact enough to explore on foot within half a day, be prepared to become engrossed in some of the monuments, which might easily capture your full attention for an hour or more. And if you wish to take in the surrounding scenery from above, brace yourself for some extensive stair climbing: the fortress Kunya-Ark and the Islam Khoja Minaret, the tallest in Uzbekistan, both require a good amount of ascent!

It's worth mentioning that private Khiva tours and day trips also extend to the surrounding region, with the Ancient Khorezm route being a popular choice. This full-day trip allows you to explore the ruins of Toprak-Kala, Ayaz-Kala, and other fortresses that date back two millennia. These were laid to ruin by conflicts and the encroachment of the desert, a fate that Khiva fortunately escaped. Today, it stands as a gem in the crown of Uzbek history.