Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tours

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are two desert countries, with the Karakum covering most of Turkmenistan and the Kyzylkum across much of Uzbekistan, with the Amu Darya, the largest river in Central Asia, dividing the two. Behind the sand dunes are oases, large cities that became centers of growth and civilization throughout the centuries. Make the most of your time in these desert countries with a combined tour to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which will take you from the Darvaza Gas Crater all the way to the fortresses built by Alexander the Great, with stops at the holy places and magnificent monuments that make this region famous.  

Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan Small Group Tour with Guaranteed Dates in 2021-2022

Head to Central Asia to explore the wonders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in one trip. Visit the architectural wonders of cities like Merv, Samarkand, Bukhara, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Karakum Desert.

Ashgabat, Mary, Darvaza, Kunya-Urgench, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent
11 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (16)

Darvaza Gas Crater Group Tour 2021-2022 (from Khiva)

This two-day group tour from Khiva to the Darvaza Gas Crater will leave you full of unforgettable memories. Visit the historical center of Kunya-Urgench and the world-famous Darvaza Gas Crater.

Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (36)

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour

Go from the ancient to the modern and back again with this Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour. Learn about the ancient histories and modern developments of these two countries.

Tashkent, Khiva, Kunya-Urgench, Dashoguz, Ashgabat, Mary, Merv, Bukhara, Samarkand
10 Days | All year round | Reviews (2)

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour - 2

This 13-day combined tour goes in-depth into the biggest sights of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, with stops at the must-see cities and excursions off the beaten path.

Tashkent, Khiva, Nukus, Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater, Ashgabat, Mary, Gonur, Merv, Bukhara, Samarkand
13 Days | All year round | Reviews (1)

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour

This 11-day Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour combines the most interesting sights, diverse nature, delicious cuisine, and welcoming people of these Central Asian countries.

Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Darvaza, Ashgabat, Mary, Merv
11 Days | All year round | Reviews (2)