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Tashkent Tours, Uzbekistan

Tashkent tours will introduce you a modern city, where every person will find entertainment and cultural events for him/herself. Its architecture combines medieval oriental buildings, austere European architecture, preserved from the Turkestan Governor-Generalship period, Soviet “Khrushchev buildings", and finally, glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete, buildings of modern business centers, offices and banks, as an evidence of new epoch of independent Uzbekistan. We offer rich and interesting program of Tashkent tours, accommodation at the best hotels, professional guides and interpreters.

Best Private Tashkent Tour Itineraries

Wine Tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery

Wine Tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery

Would you like to learn about the process of making wine, from growing grapes in the vineyards to getting the wine to the store shelves, and learn the secrets of real winemaking? If so, join us on a wine tour to Uzumfermer Family Winery.

Uzumfermer Winery

1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | from US$ 90 / personDetails

Solar Furnace near Tashkent Tour

Solar Furnace near Tashkent Tour

Solar Furnace near Tashkent Tour is a scientific discovery like no other at the second-largest solar furnace in the world, where you will visit a field of heliostat mirrors, tour a small museum, climb a concentrator and enjoy the scenic outdoors in the foothills of Uzbekistan’s Tian-Shan Mountains.

Parkent region, Big Solar Furnace

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 90 / personDetails

Tashkent City Tour: one-day trip and excursion

Tashkent City Tour

Learn about the old and the new of Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent. This guided city tour will take you all around in one day.

Khast-Imam Complex, Chorsu Bazaar, Applied Arts Museum etc.

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 65 / personDetails

Tashkent Layover Tour: one-day trip in capital of Uzbekistan

Tashkent Layover Tour

The Tashkent Layover Tour is the perfect way to make the best of a few hours of layover in Uzbekistan’s capital. Explore the new and old parts of the city, and buy traditional sweets and ikat scarves at Chorsu Bazaar.

Khast-Imam Complex, Chorsu Bazaar, Independence Square etc.

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 110 / personDetails

House-museums in Tashkent. Day tour.

House-museums Tour in Tashkent

Explore the cultural and literary history of Uzbekistan with the Tashkent House Museum Tour. During this guided tour you will visit the houses of prominent writers, painters, dancers, composers and musicians from the last century.

House-museums of Tamara Khanum, Ural Tansykbaev, Sergey Yesenin and others.

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 70 / personDetails

Tashkent Evening City Tour

Tashkent Evening City Tour

If you have a spare evening, use it to explore Tashkent. Visit the new white mosque, Minor Mosque, walk through the local version of Broadway, visit Amir Timur Square, and more, in just a couple hours in the evening.

Minor Mosque, Navoi Opera, Broadway, Amir Timur Square, Forum Palace

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 25 / personDetails

Day Tour: Ancient Settlements of Tashkent

Day Tour: Ancient Settlements of Tashkent

Take an unusual trip to the Ancient Settlements of Tashkent and discover the remains of temples and fortresses, right alongside the modern buildings of the current city.

Aktepa Yunus-Abad, Ming Urik, Aktepa Chilonzor, Shashtepa

1 Day | All year round | from US$ 65 / personDetails