Uzbekistan Extension Tours

If you are visiting Uzbekistan, be as a tourist or on business trip, and the main program in the country does not fulfill your expectations, or you have few extra days, then extension tours are just for you. These tours do not go through popular cities of Uzbekistan like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, but places you will see are not less interesting.

Special attention in extension tours are given to mountains. Our programs include mountain trips within the suburbs of Tashkent where you can reach in only 2 hours. If you wish to explore places outside of the capital city then go for mountain tours around Uzbekistan.

Other directions of extension tours are trips to Kyzyl-Kum, the lake of Aydarkul and well-known Aral Sea. These places will reveal everyday life of local people living in severe conditions of the desert. The extension tours also include trips to the ships graveyard in Karakalpakstan, mystical necropolis of Mizdak-khan and the museum of Savitsky that holds amazing collection of Russian avant-garde art. Trip to Aydarkul will make you feel a nomad having an overnight under a starry sky.

Extension tours to Uzbekistan are the best option for getting to know the country closer and deeper that is mostly known with Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. After having one of these trips, you are sure to get live impressions and authentic knowledge that is truly to be proud of.

Tour to Fergana Valley

You will visit the palace of the last Kokand Khan, Khudoyar Khan, Rishtan blue ceramics of local artists and visit the silk-mill in Margilan, where they weave the famous Margilan silk.

Fergana, Margilan, Kokand
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Termez

Two-day cultural tour to Termez, which is the ancient center of Buddhist culture in Central Asia.

Fortress Kyrk-Kyz, Jarkurgan Minaret, Buddha's stupa Zurmala
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Nukus: the Museum of Art named after I.V. Savitsky

Cultural tour to Nukus invites you to visit the museum named after Savitsky, where you will find the world's second largest collection of Russian avant-garde and one of the largest collections of applied arts of Central Asian nations.

Mizdakhan Necropolis, ancient fortress Gyaur-Kala etc.
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Nukus and Khiva

Visit to the well-known Savitsky Museum, hosting the world’s second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art of the XX century, and also Khiva – a city-museum in the open air, the first monument in Central Asia, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Savitsky Museum, Toprak-Kala, Ichan-Kala Fortress
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Rural tour in Nurata mountains and Aydarkul lake

The 3-day rural tour in Uzbekistan will introduce you to the way of life of Uzbek people in the Kyzyl Kum desert and Nurata Mountains.

"Safari" Yurt Camp, Gijduvan pottery masters workshop; Ashraf, Sentyab or Yangi Hayot village
3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Gulkam canyon

From May to October Uzbekistan mountains appear before travelers in all its splendor. Select one-day mountain tour to Chimgan to visit Gulkam waterfalls and relax at a picnic away from the city.

Chimgan Mountains, Charvak water reservoir
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Beldersay Ring

Beldersay is the perfect place for a summer trekking to the mountains. On this relatively small area, the traveler will see almost all types of mountain landscape, from the narrow rocky canyons and waterfalls to large alpine meadows.

Urta Kumbel Pass, Mramornaya river, Beldersay river
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Beldersay`s Ring - 2

During this mountain tour in Uzbekistan you will have two days to wander in Chimgan mountains and enjoy the beauty of wild nature.

Urta Kumbel Pass, Mramornaya river, Beldersay river
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Yangiabad

Yangiabad Mountains are a real treasure for trekkers. It is a land of incredibly pure air, saturated with the smell of pine trees and flowering herbs, enchanting beauty of untouched virgin nature and incredibly blue sky with light clouds that are rushing toward the horizon.

Pigeon gorge, Chilten river, waterfalls
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Chimgan and Charvak Tour

It is a one-day tour, which finds the room both for Chimgan Mountains, landscapes of Charvak and petroglyphs of Hodjikent. The trip, rich for sights also is perfectly complemented by lunch at the mountain restaurant under the immense plane trees.

Beldersay, petroglyphs of Hodjikent
1 Day | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Aral Sea Tour

Tour to the Aral Sea is a trip to beautiful places of western Uzbekistan. You will see magnificent and tragic landscapes of the Ustyurt Plateau and Aral Sea, visit the city of Muynak, a cemetery of ships, also you will see the second largest collection of Russian avant-garde in the famous Museum of Savitsky.

Savitsky Art Museum, Usturt Plateau, Muynak
3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Aral Sea Tour 2

This is a two-day trip to unusual places of Western Uzbekistan. Travelling along the bottom of a dried lake, you will see magnificent, but at the same time, tragic scenery of the Ustyurt plateau and Aral Sea, visit the graveyard of ships in Muynak, Mizdakhan necropolis and other sights.

Ustyurt Plateau, Muynak, Mizdakhan memorial complex
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Aydarkul lake

A fascinating two-day tour to Samarkand on the border of the Kyzyl Kum desert and Lake Aydarkul. The tour to Aydarkul also includes Nurata sightseeing, camel ride and an unforgettable night in a yurt, where you can experience a nomadic life.

Nurata, "Safari" Yurt Camp
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Kunya-Urgench, Turkmenistan

During the cultural tour to Kunya-Urgench, you will visit Turkmenistan. The former capital of the Khorezm Empire keeps such monuments as Kutlug Timur, the highest minaret in Central Asia, and the Mausoleum of Turabek Khanum with a very beautiful dome.

Mausoleums of Turabek-Khanum, Sultan Tekesh, Sultan Il Arslan, Najmuddin-Kubra, Sultan Ali, Kutlug-Timur Minaret, Kyrk Molla Hill
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Khujand, Tajikistan

A one-day trip from Tashkent to Khujand. It has seen troops of Alexander the Great who is believed to marry Roxana, a daughter of local ruler. Alexander captured the city, fortified and renamed it to Alexandria Eschate as a symbol of north boundary of his state.

Historical-Ethnographic & Archeological Museums, Timur-Malik Fortress, Mosque and Madrasah of Shaikh Muslihiddin, Payshanba Bazaar
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Kunya-Urgench and Darvaza (from Khiva)

Two-day tour to Turkmenistan is a mosaic of impressions made up of a visit to the main sights of grand and ancient Kunya-Urgench and Darvaza gas crater.

Kunya-Urgench, Darvaza gas crater
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

From Tashkent to Turkestan

The two-day tour from Tashkent to Turkestan will take you to the historic center of South Kazakhstan. You will discover the 1500 years old city, famous architecture complex of Ahmed Yasawi, ancient palaces and temples.

Shaulder village, Otrar, Khodja Akhmed Yassavi Complex etc.
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Astronomical Tour

Treat yourself to the astronomy tour that will awaken your inner romantic and scientist. Mesmerizing night at the observatory, interesting instruments and exhibitions at the planetarium and the astronomy museum are waiting for you. Moreover, you will not do without exploring ancient Ulugbek’s Observatory in Samarkand.

Tashkent, Samarkand
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Khudjand and Istaravshan Tour

Explore ancient Central Asia cities with two-day Khujand and Istaravshan tour, inhale charm of the east in old blue domed castles and minarets.

Khujand, Istaravshan
2 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)