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Author: Rose-Marie Tso-Ling Twu   |   Rating: 51 November 2016
So much history, geography, culture, folklore, and the diverse people: from the BCE ruins in the desert to exquisite mosques and caravanserais of the Silk Road to medieval castles amidst the cities to majestic mountains and yes, requisite bumpy roads. Even if I can’t remember all that I’ve learned, I thoroughly enjoyed all there was before me. I am enriched and rewarded.

Advantour’s adjoining group tours of Central Asia and Caucasus grade highly on itineraries, guides, hotels, and transportation with only a small exception. Yuriy was detailed and courteous, from customizing my trip to engineering the retrieval of my lost glasses (difficult from Turkmenistan). I was solo in a group tour with 3-7 others at various times, price was reasonable – not broken down by items. Trip of a lifetime.

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